Welcome to our latest investment commentary covering the third quarter of 2019. This update provides some more in-depth commentary on the markets and our views moving forward. After two strong quarters, the third has been marked by a lack…

Keeping you in the loop - Investment Changes

An important part of our ongoing service to clients is our active, in-house investment management. Although you receive a number of our investment communications, until you’re a client you are not privy to the review of portfolios, decisions…
Carrington Investment Approach

Market Update - May 2014

We highlighted the volatile start to 2014 in our last market update in February and since then the volatility has continued. The growth stocks that did so well over 2013 suffered a very sharp and swift correction during March and April of this…

Investment strategy

Unlike other adviser and wealth management firms, Carrington do everything in-house. We have a dedicated Investment Director whose responsibility it is to construct client portfolios and provide in-house investment management on an ongoing basis. We…
Clarity, transparency, integrity

The Carrington approach

Everything we do here at Carrington adheres to our core beliefs: clarity, integrity and transparency. When it comes to looking after our clients' wealth, we act with the utmost care and provide a service that is genuinely aligned to their individual…